Wow thanks for the update, bod.

So I weighed myself in today and realized that I gained two kilos..

This made me so mad. Because I was working out, eating healthy and actually genuinely working on it. The scale got me so down. I may have cried a little because that is how much this matters to me.. This is my life that I want to change, and my body seems to have a mind of its own. I noted the weight on my calendar and do you know what I saw?

Or rather what I realized after? Well, I was about less than a week away from my period date. And this happened the last time round too (learnt that with a quick flip of my “records”)..

Women gain about 1 to 5 kilos before and during their period. (This can exclude the food cravings)… I have mixed feelings about this…
So basically I could have worked 2 whole weeks for my weight to go down by around 3 ish kilos and in a couple of days I can just gain back most of the weight??? That is so unfair. Don’t you think?

Like what do you do then? Not work out for the week before because you’re gonna gain weight anyway? (I almost considered it because… just read that again and you’d understand).. my other option was to work out because if I didn’t then I’d gain more weight and besides I just need to be prepared for the increase.

I figured that my mental expectation needs to shift every two weeks because for the first two weeks I’m focused on losing weight and then the next two are about not gaining any weight. The latter two weeks will be more challenging because apparently according to nature, my womb HAS to feel the need to cramp up and do all the things that happen to my body just to remind me that “HEEEY CHECK THIS OUT YOU DON’T HAVE A BABY IN HERE”.

If there are any girls reading this, let me know if you have any remedies to deal with weightgain during periods.. I have my whole life to experiment with that. And to the opposite gender, DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS? Any thoughts?
I’m honestly just curious. (I really don’t know why I bother because there are literally 2 people reading this and one of them is me just proof reading)

Anyway, by way of update, I’m feeling better about the situation knowing that there is a tiny hiccup and it is because of my body and nature’s ways (unfair ways tbh). Mentally I’m still struggling with food thoughts. By struggling I mean there have been a LOT of ALMOST BINGES. Never went ahead with it. I’m proud of myself for that. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade (without sugar of course).
See you soon with more positive updates hopefully!


Btw, I’m still waiting on those tips from the few healthy people that read my tiny blog. Thanks!


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