Flab is such a horrible sounding word. It’s one of those words that sound just like what it means. (eg: most hated word ever- MOIST) So flab is a major insecurity for overweight people and some who are not even overweight. They are just particularly sensitive about a certain area that has a little bit more flesh than normal. Either way, it’s a difficult thing to deal with.

Like I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, I’ve always been a fat kid. So you know how as kids we tend to just talk about the most random things ever? Well funnily (or not funnily) enough, a common topic among my peers were things about the human body. That meant everyone would measure each other’s wrists which meant my chubby wrists couldn’t be measured with a kid’s hands by putting the index finger and thumb around it. (Cue mockery) And another thing that I still remember is getting quite insecure when people decided to jiggle the area under they upper arms. So the bicep area when you’re not flexing would basically “jiggle”. This was brought to our attention by one of my friends’ and duhh fascinated all of us…anyway, while everyone went ahead to jiggle whatever that thing is called, I knew my arms would not be the same and my little self was so clouded by her insecurities that I took permission to go to the washroom even though I didn’t actually need to use it. I went there and stayed in for a bit longer till I hoped they would have moved on to a different topic by then.

What I’m trying to say is flab has been my biggest insecurity. It’s is the moving proof that you are fat. You have nothing you can say if someone insensitive points it out.

I’m 21 and I’m still so insecure about it. I’m not saying we shouldn’t be but I think it’s time to accept what is wrong with our bodies and give it the respect it needs and deserves. If flab is the problem, instead of wearing long sleeves tees, I have to get that hand work out in.

Guess who just bought those dumbbells (Is there a space in the word dumbbells? is it a double b? Why is it called that? ).. This girrl !

So by way of update, I’m 3 kilos down. Slow but it’s happening. I’m moving. It’s working. Things are changing. You?



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